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Welcome to the National Spine Care and Sports Medicine website blog. Below are blog articles that may interest you. These blogs articles further expand and inform about our services. Content can also be filtered by subject by clicking on the categories to the left. If you have any questions about any of the Downtown Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Services at National Spine Care, then please call us at (403) 270-7252.

Hip Mobility Routine

Hips are meant to move. If they don’t, trouble is brewing!

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Ankle Mobility routine

This mobility routine fits into the overall concept of the joint-by-joint approach for human movement.

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Mobility and Stability

This article is part of the joint-by-joint approach to human movement.

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Snow shoveling safety tips

Well, those of us in Alberta (in my case, Calgary) were reintroduced to shoveling snow this past week. Old man winter arrived with a vengeance dumping a bunch of snow on us. Kids loved it, with snowball fights and sledding, however the adults were less enthused. For most of us, that meant having to shovel […]

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