Join us for Spine Boot Camp

When: Weekly classes offered conveniently in the evenings and on Saturdays. Contact us to find out details on when the next class is being offered.

What? 6, weekly, one-hour workshops led by Dr. Gord & the NSC staff

Why? Gain control and free yourself from the recurring spiral of back pain

What You Will Learn:

Six hours of spine care instruction for less than three physiotherapy or 3 chiropractic treatments!

Here is a frustration I have. We have all heard that exercise is good for us and, being a health care professional, I am inclined to agree. In fact, I love the term “Exercise is Medicine”. Unfortunately, the waters get a bit muddy when it comes to exercises to help or cure low back pain.

Exercise programs that claim to reduce low back pain, improve low back performance and prevent back pain are plentiful. Recommended exercises for back pain and self-help videos run amok. Try searching Google or YouTube for “Back Pain Exercises”. I just tried it and received 18,900,000 hits on google and 540,000 hits on YouTube. The challenge is one-size-fits-all approaches like this rarely work because each person is unique.

Talk to 10 people who currently have or have had low back pain or sciatica and you will hear that some have done well with one approach while others may have been made worse by that same approach. The trick is learning about your back and understanding what things cause damage and why. Armed with that knowledge, you can then begin deciding which exercises and approaches to your normal activities are helpful vs. harmful.

Only through developing an individual plan, specific to your particular back, can you hope to cure yourself from back pain.

So where do you start? Spine Boot Camp Level One, that’s where!


Who is Spine Boot Camp for?

Anyone who wants to free themselves from the shackles of low back pain and sciatica.

Why this course over the multitude of other books and video self-help back pain approaches you might ask?

Briefly, back pain is now generally considered the 20th and 21st-century medical disaster. Significant advances in knowledge, technology, and treatment solutions have certainly not solved the problem. There is even some suspicion that the health care community may have made things worse.

We’re not talking about serious spinal diseases and major neurologic problems. We now have diagnostic procedures and interventions that can help there. The challenge is that almost all of us experience non-specific low back pain at some point in our adult life. A great many of us experience this over and over again, despite going for treatment ad infinitum.

Spine Boot Camp level one isn’t just another back or core exercise class. If you ever hope to get a handle on getting control over your back pain, we will walk you through:

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