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Core exercises for back pain?

Myth busting about Core Exercises & Back Pain

Common Misconceptions about Core Exercises

There are more than a few weird ideas about back pain. I can’t possibly cover all of them but wanted to touch on a few of them. If you have heard of others not mentioned here or in other blog posts, feel free to comment here or pass them my way.

Myth: “I need to strengthen my Back & Core”

Pure strength of the back and core muscles does not reduce or prevent back pain. Often, strengthening exercises introduced too early in the rehabilitation process can undermine success. Strengthening comes later.

Remember poor movement control while the spine is under load is a recipe for back injury and pain. The first thing to focus on is establishing and grooving healthy movements. This unloads the injured and painful spinal tissues, giving them time to heal. Maintaining healthy movement patterns over the extended period of time necessary to allow healing requires significant endurance. Do not confuse endurance with strength.

Muscular endurance refers to the ability to perform a muscular action over a prolonged period of time. Muscle strength is the measurement of the maximum amount of force a muscle can generate in a single effort (one repetition).

Remember, our movement control system needs to be able to work all day long so it needs to be trained for endurance, not power.

For a healthy back, think movement control and muscular endurance, not strength!

We cover this and much more in Spine Boot Camp so if you want to learn more, contact us.

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