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Did your back go out?

Myth busting about Back Pain Treatment

Myth: “My Spinal (Pelvic) joints were out of place and were put back in by my Chiropractor (or Physiotherapist)”

Passive treatments such as spinal manipulation (Adjustments) do not prevent or change the natural history of back pain treatment. They can definitely help to reduce persistent pain and can provide short-term relief to get you through rough patches (pain flares), however should not be depended upon for long-term relief.

The problem is that beliefs that your back goes out of place can increase fear, anxiety & hyper vigilance. Research has shown this can prolong recovery or even make you worse in the longer term. It can also often create dependency on that treatment, which we know over time may become ineffective.

Does this sound like you? “Something is structurally wrong and I have no control over it. I have to keep going back to get it put back in”.

If all you get is “manipulation” and you need repeat visits, you may need to find a new approach.

At National Spine Care, we cover this and much more in Spine Boot Camp so if you want to learn more, contact us.

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