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Modern Sport Science Approaches to Enhance Recovery and Prevent Injury

Calgary Injury preventionDr. Gord is presenting on Monday, November 27, 2017, at TCR SportLab at 6:30 p.m. TCR is located right next door to National Spine Care at 1817A 10th Ave SW.

He is going to cover modern sports science approaches that enhance recovery and prevent injury.

You will get an inside look at how our bodies respond to exhaustive exercise. Specifically, we’ll look at how our movement system responds and adapts to inflammation that occurs due to exercise. He will share the secret sauce about how to know if you are recovering properly from exercise or are putting yourself at risk for pain and injury.

You won’t be just sitting there staring at a powerpoint presentation though. In this fun and interactive evening, you will be taken through some self-assessment tests to see if you are at risk for injury as you get ready for your winter training sessions.

There will also be some adult beverages and snacks provided so it will be a fun and social environment to learn a few things about how you can enhance your fitness and prevent injury.

Entry fee: Donation to the Calgary Interfaith Foodbank at the door.

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