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Custom Exercise and Fitness

National Spine Care | Calgary Custom Exercise

The natural progression is to get back to the activities you love once you are out of pain and moving again buy using our custom exercise and fitness programs.

Everyone has different goals, lifestyle choices, levels of training, body types, and history of injuries. One-size-fits-all exercise programs simply don’t work.

National Spine Care | Calgary Custom ExerciseTrying to do it all on your own may also fall short of reaching your greatest potential.

Our health professionals take the time to listen to you and design an individual, customized rehabilitation exercise program for you. We give you the tools you need to regain your strength and flexibility. You will feel confident you will be able to return to the activities you love in a safe, controlled fashion.

It doesn’t have to stop there.

We are fortunate to have partnered up with the knowledge and expertise of the exercise physiologists and coaching staff at TCR Sport Lab right next door to the clinic.

Their science-based approach to exercise and fitness programs and coaching will ensure your success customized to your particular goals and needs.

If it is right for you, our staff will introduce you to the experts at TCR. We take the time to communicate directly with TCR to ensure they are aware of and take into account any health concerns you may have when they design your customized health and fitness regime.

Imagine a place where your health care professionals can consistently communicate and collaborate with your health and fitness team.

No need to imagine anymore – that place exists right here!

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