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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

National Spine Care | Calgary Weight Loss

We steer clear of fad dieting and champion sound nutritional planning along with the help you need for practical implementation and lifestyle management. You are what you eat, so we use science to inform you about how to modify your habits to promote health and wellness.

Our medical weight loss program is a close collaborating between our sports medicine physician, Dr. Frank Johnson, and Dawn Hart, our certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

National Spine Care | Medically Supervised Weight LossQ)  Why would I need someone to tell me what to eat?

A)  You probably don’t.  Neither did Dawn’s first 1000 clients.

Since 2001, people have been asking for Dawn’s help with:

  • Conquering food cravings using lessons from science and psychology
  • Successfully stopping the cycle of “Deprivation Dieting”
  • Nurturing a healthier relationship with food & eating
  • Customizing nutrition plans for long term success
  • Health & Fitness Coaching: On-going coaching to deliver on-going results
  • Fighting against life stresses that perpetuate inflammation & pain
  • Defeating symptoms of irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux and other food-associated problems like headaches, low energy, and poor concentration has 47,000 “diet and weight loss” books with seductive health claims such as “new miracle diet”, “revitalizing detox diet”, “supercharged metabolism diet”, and “Becoming 10 years younger diet”.

With Google at your fingertips and the bookstore shelves stuffed with options, where on earth are you supposed to start?

All we ask is this…  You Bring The Will, We’ve Got The Way.

  1. Dawn will create personalized, simple, whole foods-based meal plans. Decades of dieting research shows that shakes and calorie packs don’t work. Using real foods are the best way to improve your health and your weight.
  2. You will treat your body to anti-inflammatory foods & supplements. Recent research shows excess body fat & certain foods create inflammatory chemicals that de-activate leptin, your “I’m Full” hormone. Turn off the inflammation, and leptin can tell your brain “I’m actually full!”
  3. Together we will identify the foods that are conspiring against you. Each digestive tract is unique, yet ever-changing.  By monitoring how it and other body systems change with your personalized program, you will experience the power of food to make you feel unwell or well, bloated or slim, achy or amazing.

Research reveals that sleep, stress & inflammation determine your weight.

  1. Dr. Johnson will help you sleep as well as possible. Using drug-free methods and carefully chosen supplements, your sleep will improve.
  2. Dr. Johnson will develop a personalized long-term health plan. Discover your comprehensive plan to measure and reduce your TRUE RISK for heart attack and stroke, weight-related cancers and other serious illnesses.
  3. Dr. Johnson will identify any hidden medical conditions. Many undiagnosed conditions make weight loss difficult such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, and food sensitivities. As weight reduces, some people are able to decrease or stop some medications.

All medically necessary diagnostic and treatment services that may be provided by
Dr. Frank Johnson are paid for by the government under your provincial health insurance plan.

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