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Spine Boot Camp grad class!

Look at these folks gaining control over their back pain!

Spine Boot Camp (SBC) is meeting with overwhelming positive response! These folks are just finishing their 6 week SBC class and have learned that SBC is more than just another core stability class.

At SBC, we feel knowledge is power. With that knowledge, you can finally take control of your back pain. Our lifeblood at SBC is to deliver incredible value so you can use the knowledge and skills as a stepping stone to regain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Things they learned in SBC included:

  • thumb_IMG_1861_1024Old school vs. New School back pain thinking
  • Learning movement control and whole-body stability
  • Thinking endurance, not strength
  • Real-world applications of your new-found spine stability
  • How to spare your spine and resume your normal activities without fear of flaring your back pain
  • Regain your independence in  the management of your healththumb_IMG_1862_1024

Some feedback from this class:

“Spine Boot Camp completely changed my thinking and approach to my back injury, and it gave me hope for recovery after feeling like giving up. I learned a lot about back injuries and the body’s response, and how to relieve pain myself. The exercises are helping me feel better in general. The class also helped me learn how to adapt daily activities to help protect my back so it can heal.”  Jonathan K.

“My experience with the course was fantastic!  It was very informative but not overwhelming with the technical details.  I notice how much more aware I am with my daily tasks and how to properly bend to pick up things, etc. I’ve recommended this class to a couple friends already and they are signed up for the next session.” Rebecca H.

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