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Back Pain Relief

National Spine Care | Calgary Back Pain

Are you experiencing Back Pain in Calgary? Then National Spine Care has the solution for your Calgary back pain issues.

ATM-2We use the ATM-2 (Active Therapeutic Movement) machine which allows us to control your movements during exercise. Movements that were previously painful are controlled allowing you to exercise pain- free.

Eliminating pain when you exercise allows the nervous system to retrain itself to be able to move pain-free during your normal activities.

It is no secret that core stability is a good idea and plays an integral role in helping people recover from and prevent back pain.

Unfortunately, all too often, despite best efforts, the exercises do not help. Sometimes, they can even make the pain worse. There may be a good reason for this. However you will likely need to be examined by a qualified health care professional to see if this is the case.

If you have ever worked with a computer, you may have heard the expression “garbage in, garbage out.” If the input into the system is poor, then the output will be just as poor. The same holds true for the human body.

If you are experiencing pain or if the muscles, bones and joints of the back are not functioning correctly then the nerves coming from the back give this input back to the brain (“Garbage in”). In response, the brain will send the wrong signals back down to the muscles of the back (“Garbage out”). The resulting poor control of the back muscles results in frustration because either you don’t get anywhere with your back exercises, or you even feel that your pain is getting worse.

At National Spine Care, our rehabilitation specialists use a sophisticated piece of equipment called the ATM-2 to overcome this problem.

Developed by health care researchers in the United States, the ATM-2 allows exercises to be performed in a pain-free fashion. By eliminating pain, the signals to the brain are normalized (no more “Garbage in”). In response, the brain sends the correct signals back down to the back muscles (no more “Garbage out”). Proper control of the back muscles is the key to freeing yourself from back pain.

Completely different from standard back exercises, learn how the ATM-2 system allows for a pain-free rehabilitation approach to freeing yourself from back pain.

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