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Barb Taxbock – Calgary Physiotherapist

Barb Taxbock received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy, graduating with honours from the University of Alberta in 2003.  Barb also holds a BSc in Bio-mechanics (Honors) from the University of Calgary.

Since graduating, Barb has been working as an orthopedic specialist using IMS, manual therapy and specific exercise prescription to treat pain and movement dysfunction.  In 2016 Barb made a shift to focusing on pelvic health as she noticed it was often overlooked as a missing link in resolving dysfunction and pain.

Barb has a special interest in low back/pelvic/hip pain, post-partum dysfunction,  incontinence, dyspareunia and prolapse. She is passionate about getting active people back to their active lives.

Because of her own athletic background, she also has a special interest in gait-related and lower extremity injuries (foot, knee and hip). She uses her bio-mechanical experience along with her extensive knowledge gained from post graduate courses on the proper recruitment of muscles and neuro-motor retraining.

Barb spends her free time skiing in the backcountry, hiking, mountain biking and teaching her two young kids a love of the outdoors.

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