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At National Spine Care, we have had the pleasure of helping many patients achieve their goals over the years. Below are testimonials as well as links to many 3rd party internet online review sites.

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My back pain had shut down most of my activities. I kept getting bounced from place to place but no one seemed to be able to quite solve my problem. A friend told me about the team at National Spine Care and Sports Medicine. Their caring attitude was evident from the first phone call.  Thanks!

–Kathy P.

My car accident 3 years ago still caused me neck pain and headaches that made it difficult to concentrate at work. I was also tired, grumpy, moody and feeling depressed. My doctor referred me to the good people at NSC & SM. Within a few months of treatment on their neck machine had me feeling the best I’ve felt in years! Not only am I ecstatic to have my life back but my co-workers and family love having the old happy, upbeat Craig back!

–Craig B.

I was so AMAZED by how the team at NSC & SM interacts and actually talks to each other! Originally I just found them on the internet and called and booked in with one of the chiropractors. She did a very thorough assessment and then explained that she could probably help me but I would also likely benefit from other members of their health team. She arranged for me to meet with their sports medicine physician as well as one of their physiotherapists. Together they came up with a plan to help me get my health back on track. For the first time in years I feel like there is a place that listened to me, took the time to explain to me why I was in pain and then laid out a thorough, comprehensive plan to get me out of pain and back to the activities I love to do. Truly a collaborative effort! Keep up the great work guys!! And Thank you!

–Maria S.

I just wanted to give a big thanks to all the wonderful staff at National Spine Care & Sports Medicine.

After several years of suffering with lower back pain and trying various treatments at other different facilities, they took the time to really listen to my concerns, explain the problem and then create a custom treatment plan for me based on my particular challenges.

Because of them I am now back to enjoying my active lifestyle and feeling great!

–Randy Z.

I feel lucky to have Dr. Johnson as part of my healthcare team. He’s very thorough and ensures you understand every aspect of complicated conditions. He has been Very generous with his time. This has been invaluable to me when my health problems had me feeling hopeless… when other Doctors seemed to hit dead-ends or not offer alternate solutions. Dr. Johnson’s care and compassion has greatly helped me on my health journey. Thank you Dr. Johnson.

–Anonymous – RateMDs

Dr Johnson is outstanding at his profession. He goes out of his way to discuss my health issues and is able to bring medical issues to a place where its easy to understand. He will take time to look for alternate solutions for my health issues and has a vast referral network that has helped me out tremendously. He is constantly upgrading himself and brings that knowledge into his practice. That I have benefited from. Thank you Dr Johnson for your hard work and caring.

–Anonymous – RateMDs

Frank Johnson is a doctor that will go above and beyond for his patients. I got hurt at work, I was on modified duty and went to go see Dr. Johnson as a weekly checkup. He was super friendly. I had some concerns about other health issues and he went out of his way to sure i got the health care i needed.

–Anonymous – RateMDs

Dr Johnson was extremely helpful and didn’t only help me fix my injury but helped me in other ways like eating healthy and helping me to quit smoking. Dr Johnson gave the impression he cares about me as an individual something I haven’t had at At any other doctor I won’t go to anyone else I hope he’s in the practice a long time because my family will be going to him for now on I give 10 out of 5

–Anonymous – RateMDs

She is caring, a true professional (Dawn Hart), and most importantly, gets results. Integrating both the art and science seamlessly, she knew exactly when to make adjustments keeping me on track. As changes can be difficult, she was also there providing support when the going got tough. Within a few months of working together, I not only achieved my goals, she gave me the tools and education to continue on my own.

–Kimberly M.

I came to Dawn seeking her help as a nutritional consultant, with pretty common goals – weight loss, improved fitness, more energy and overall better health. She developed a thoughtful and thorough nutrition plan for me, but what I didn’t expect was all the advice she gave me on stress management, exercise, sleep and having a healthy attitude. She did this with passion and knowledge, but also empathy and caring, and openly shared her own experiences with me as a show of support.

The result is my fatigue is much improved as is my fitness and skin. Surprisingly (to me) in this process she’s taught me that I have to treat myself much more compassionately, and I’m better able to do that now.


I first met with Dawn after a concerning conversation with my Doctor. I knew I had been neglecting my health for some time, but what I didn’t realize is I was pre-diabetic. Within 2 months of following Dawns plan I successfully lowered my regular and fasting blood sugars by almost half. I’m thrilled to have my health back on track, and am enjoying the weight loss too.

–Spyros S.

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